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DACC is an innovative method to provide easy and safe access to data, digital media or services on the Internet and other networks in a very cost effective way. An integrated pre-payment system makes DACC the perfect sales tool.

DACC is also a complete and flexible AAA system for login, Authentication, Authorization, Accounting and payment for users of Internet services. DACC operates the FairShare Media World content distribution system.

A major application is AAA services for wireless Guest Networks. DACC Systems AB also delivers complete wireless Guest Networks - The DACC CONNECT Service - usually through our partners.

DACC is available as an online service.

Get a wireless
Guest Network
an Enterprise

It's easy, safe,
and improves

Wireless Networks

Let DACC or one of our partners provide you with a wireless Guest Network for easy and secure Internet access for visitors to your company or organization. The Guest Network is independent of your enterprise network. DACC and partners also provide wireless Enterprise Networks for SMEs.

The CONNECT service is ideal for consultants, accountants, architects, law firms, hotels, conference centres, malls, construction sites, caravan parks, and any organization or company with visitors that should be well treated. The modern business person increasingly expects reliable Internet access from his/her laptop, PDA, or smartphone wherever she/he goes. With the CONNECT service you will be able to provide free and reliable Internet access on your premises in a very cost effective way.

Internet access in Guest Networks is usually provided for free as a hospitality service, but CONNECT customers operating "semi" public networks (hotspots) have many payment options such as credit card, scratch cards, pass cards and various tokens. Post-payment by billing is also available. With the CONNECT service you can easily sell content such as music, video, and games through your network to provide additonal services and to increase your revenue.

If you need advice on how to best implement a wireless network on your premises, don't hesitate in contacting DACC and take advantage of ours and our partners' experience and competence in workplace design and service innovation.


DACC provides direct, fast and secure access to data, services and media on the Internet and other networks.

DACC logs in and authenticates users to Internet services in any type of IP network. Non-critical services may use simple username and password login, while access to critical services and sensitive data should be protected by the DACC Method:

The DACC Method Characteristics 
The user does not need to remember or type any complicated addresses or user names. The user gets a material object or a certificate in any computer type device as access tool and proof of access rights.

The object or certificate is authenticated by means of advanced cryptography and the transferred data may use secure channels or even be scrambled by means of a unique method integrated in the DACC System. 

The DACC Method creates a new business model for sales of Digital Mediia delivered on the Internet. New channels for marketing are opened. Customers are able to access and pay for the Media in a simple and safe way with full spending control through pre-payment. 

The DACC Method gives Service and Content Providers better visibility in the market, increased sales volumes, improved cash flow, and higher profit.

DACC operates today login and authentication services for Guest Networks in the UK.

Building Zones Ltd is our partner in the UK and the inventor of the CONNECT service concept.
Excito is our partner for development, support, and Content Management of the CONNECT service.


Building Sustainability Ltd is our partner for Energy Management and visualization projects.

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